Therm Announcement


We are pleased to announce Latitude has agreed to be the premier provider of EDI services for Therm. A formal agreement finalized today will create a seamless integration between the retail EDI services of Latitude and the pricing and supply functionality of the Therm platform.  

Latitude has been in the Retail and Wholesale EDI energy market since the beginning of deregulation and our EDI Service is used by dozens of energy marketers, interstate natural gas pipelines, energy data aggregators, and energy management firms to encrypt, decrypt, translate, and track their key energy transactions. Latitude's Retail EDI Service provides Energy Marketers, Aggregators, and Utilities with the full transaction set needed to maintain and bill Gas and Electric customers.

Therm is a modular, pay-as-you-go solution that lets you focus more on your customers and less on your infrastructure. It is a fully integrated retail energy platform that seamlessly connects sales through settlement. Therm was built specifically for the retail energy sector and is customizable for each busines function.