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Your retail energy platform

for both Natural Gas and Power!

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Seamlessly connect your organization from sales through settlement.

Therm enables you to be more responsive to your customers, reduce business risk, and increase operational efficiency.

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What is Therm?

A fully integrated retail energy platform that seamlessly connects sales through settlement

Purpose-built for the retail energy sector and fully customizable for each business function

A modular solution that brings sales, operations, supply, and accounting onto a single platform with real-time data

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How does it work?

Leverages advanced cloud-based technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence

Incorporates your pricing strategies with up-to-date and preconfigured GTOP and tariff mandates

Securely integrates with any existing third-party technology

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How will it help you do more?

Reduce business risk by minimizing manual touch points

Increase operational efficiency up to 10x with existing staff

Generate instantaneous, on-demand pricing and refreshes

See accurate, up-to-the-minute financial positions

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Therm is a modular, pay-as-you-go solution that lets you focus more on your customers and less on your infrastructure.



Therm provides the freedom you need to best suit your unique business


Leverage Therm's built-in, secure APIs to connect with any technology that you already use


Speed up your business processes with custom workflows and real-time information sharing

Accelerate productivity. Reduce risk. Win more.

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