Therm’s individual, modular components work in concert to provide a powerful, unified platform.

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Usage Data

Therm leverages EDI capabilities and screen-scraping technology that automate the importation of historical usage data. This raw data is calendarized, weather normalized, and forecasted five years out. Any erroneous or missing data is immediately flagged and is easy to manually correct within Therm.



Using NYMEX daily settle prices, GTOP limits established by each LDC, and any optimizations you set to these figures, Therm prescribes the lowest-cost supply points. Supply can be configured specifically for the business to include variables such as storage, proprietary forward curves, or changing capacity limits.



Your pricing models powered by our cloud-based processing engine. Import, configure, and optimize your pricing strategy directly in Therm and generate prices in milliseconds. Update terms, start date, bill type, etc. and refresh with a click of a button. Also publish prices to sales in the field via mobile device.



Generate pre-templated contracts that include all custom price and term information. Send directly via email or other e-signature services.



Therm provides a real-time view of all open-positions, by month, for all deals priced within the platform. These positions can be viewed in aggregate for the entire book of business, by individual LDC, or by pipeline. Schedulers can use these views to support manual nomination processes.  


Broker Portal

Brokers receive price information in seconds by inputting account numbers directly in the Therm platform. Therm provides you administrative controls to govern and monitor modifications that salespeople make to a deal. Using this data supplied by the broker, retailers are able to track top performers, better understand deal types by geography, and analyze win/loss rates in more detail than ever before.    

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Accelerate productivity. Reduce risk. Win more.

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