Therm Overview

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Instantly generate pre-templated contracts - that include all custom price and term information - and send directly via email or other e-signature service.

Usage Data

Therm utilizes EDI capabilities that pulls historical usage data directly into the platform. This raw data is automatically calendarized, weather normalized and forecasted out five years. Any bad or missing data is immediately flagged, and is easily corrected right within Therm. 



Therm comes preconfigured for each LDC with all GTOP and tariff configurations baked into the system. You have the ability to modify these configurations, as well as add any of your unique supply points in order to precisely match any of your pricing strategies.

Update terms, start date, bill type, etc. and refresh with a click of a button. Generate discrete prices for any customer type based on estimated or actual historical usage data.


Therm prescribes the lowest cost supply points and flow percentages based on each LDC’s GTOP and tariff mandates, plus any modification you make to these calculations. Supply is calculated in seconds for each meter priced, and is automatically aggregated with all other positions in your entire book of business.


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