Therm Overview


Therm provides you with a single, scalable platform that automates complex business processes and unifies your internal IT and business systems.. 



Rigid IT systems can create business inefficiencies and limit profitability. Therm is the most flexible and customizable platform in the retail energy space. Unlike other point solutions, Therm provides you the freedom to deploy your own pricing, forecasting, scheduling and trading strategy in a way that best suits your unique business needs. 


Systems that are not integrated often result in significant cost increases and resource consumption,  ultimately inhibiting a company's ability to grow. As a cloud-based solution, Therm securely integrates with any in-house or third-party technology in order to provide all areas – from sales to settlement - with a single up-to-the-second view of the business.



Any manual intervention required to price, propose or close a deal introduces the potential for human error.  Furthermore, the longer a deal or position remains open the higher the potential financial risk. Therm aims to minimize manual business processes through the use of modern technologies, integration of information systems, and configuration control, creating automated workflows and real-time information sharing and tracking, ultimately reducing risk.