Seamlessly connect your organization from sales through settlement.

Therm is about reducing operating costs, improving margins and allowing you to be more responsive to your customers. A modular, pay as you go solution that is focused on improving these core business functions.


Therm gives energy retail providers a competitive advantage by removing the constraints of rigid and segmented IT systems that create business inefficiencies and limit profitability.


What is therm

Reduce operating costs by automating workflows and minimizing data entry

Create better margins with configurable, discrete pricing strategies and dynamic asset optimization

Scale your business without the need for adding additional resources


Leveraging cloud-based technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence

Purpose built for the energy retail sector and fully customizable for each area of your business

Integrating securely with any existing in-house and third-party technology


Respond to RFPs and pricing requests in less than 1 minute

Manage customers in real-time with mobile tools and capabilities

Automate the flow of information between sales, operations, finance and risk