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Therm Launches Energy Startup: Free Software for New Retailers
SaaS provider, Therm, achieves milestone and makes advanced analytic platform available to startups

New York, NY: Therm, the leading provider of energy automation software for natural gas and electric retailers, today announced the availability of the Therm Energy Startup Plan, a limited offering to attendees of the 2019 Energy Executive Forum being held in Scottsdale, AZ, that provides energy retailers access to Therm at no cost.

The Energy Startup Plan is an integrated sales, pricing, forecasting, and billing solution being offered to any EC Infosystem UtiliBill customer and DNV GL attendee serving less than 75,000 MWh per year for no fees.  In addition, as part of the Energy Startup Plan, attendees of the DNV GL Energy Executive Forum will be eligible to demo their ECI billing data integrated through Therm at the Executive Forum avoiding any startup and system implementation fees.

“Therm is an essential tool for any retailer today; its proprietary and one-of-a-kind natural gas supply optimization algorithms, coupled together with its advanced electric pricing capabilities, give retailers a complete solution for optimizing their business.  Now through the Energy Startup Plan, startups have access to industry-leading technology at no cost.” said Brian Fino, Founder and CEO of Therm.  “Since founding Therm, we’ve wanted to provide Therm to the smallest of retailers to help ensure a competitive and accessible marketplace; but more importantly, we believe that Therm breeds a different kind of retailer: one that can be based on automation and efficiency allowing for more innovative customer solutions.  Because of our success delivering value-add services to large and mid-size retailers alike, we’re finally able to bring a solution to startups that would have otherwise been out of reach.”

“Therm provides a unique solution for retail energy providers; now fully integrated with our Billing & CIS platform, retailers have access to a broad set of capabilities to improve their business operations.  We are pleased to hear of their promotion for the attendees of the 2019 Energy Executive Forum,” said Ananda Goswami, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for EC Infosystems.

“The Energy Executive Forum is about getting together to help make the industry better; we’re thrilled to see Therm making this unique offer available to our attendees.  Time and again I have seen an over reliance on spreadsheets to perform complex pricing and risk analysis; Therm and EC Infosystem’s integrated solution is a real win for companies that want to be better at their mission critical business processes,” says John Landry, Vice President Competitive Markets for DNV GL. 

For more information about the Energy Startup plan and eligibility, retailers may sign up online or contact

About Therm
Therm, a leading provider of energy automation software for both natural gas and electric retailers, provides real-time sales, pricing, forecasting, and portfolio management capabilities to retailers of any size.  Coupled together with any leading billing system, Therm provides a turn-key solution that can be provisioned in days and delivers a return on investment (ROI) in less than 3 months.

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EC Infosystems is a market-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and UtiliBill™ (Billing/Customer Information Solutions (CIS)), serving more than 300 clients in the deregulated energy industry across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The company's sophisticated software platform is user friendly, improves efficiency and operating performance, and provides clients with a strong competitive advantage. For more information, visit

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